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Crystal Pierce

If you’re looking to transform your body or get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle, I highly recommend working with Kyle Bershatsky at Kinetic Fitness Experience to achieve your goals. Booking a 7-day free trial at KinFit was the best decision I made to start my fitness journey.

After my first class, I knew Kyle was the perfect coach for me, he is professional, kind, patient and understanding. Kyle has a great sense of humour, puts people at ease and creates a comfortable environment for each of his clients.

As a busy Mother of three who works 12-hour shift work as a healthcare professional, it’s beneficial that Kyle provides expertise and oversight to assist me in achieving my fitness goals, saving me time and avoiding injury. He has helped me to reach great levels of health and fitness that I could not have reached without his training and motivation.

Since starting with Kinetic Fitness, I have lost more than 50lbs, built muscle and increased my strength. I have more flexibility in my body’s range of motion. My mobility, balance, sleep, mood, confidence and energy levels have all improved. I feel the absolute best I’ve ever felt and living a better quality of life.

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Love this place! all you need to do is show up and Kyle takes care of the rest. Positive and Energizing environment. 11 classes per day to choose from. Your in and out in about 50 mins. The owner Kyle is a extraordinary individual that truly wants you to succeed!

Spencer Steinman

Co-Owner, Father & Son Financial

Best gym ever!!!!!!!!!!
Great class, Kyle the instructor is very good and keeps an eye on everyone  making sure they are doing exercises correctly as not to get hurt.

Lorrie Bedard

One of the best gym atmospheres I've experienced. I love being able to show up, get in a good workout without thinking, and everyone gets to know each other. Kyle is excellent at knowing when to push you and when to encourage you.

Erin Esplen

This is by far the most effective and efficient fitness training program I’ve had in the best atmosphere. Kyle’s knowledge is expertise is exceptional and his guidance is always kind, helpful and nonjudgmental! This gym has literally changed my life on all levels:  thank you Kyle :)

Francie Fortier

Love Kinetic fitness! The workouts are all preplanned and well thought out. The trainer Kyle is very knowledgeable and kind. He also knows ways on how to work with clients who have injuries, he is very educated and knows how the body works and how muscles interact with each other. He has a good mix of strength and cardio. Been with Kyle for almost a year now and feeling great. Highly recommend this gym to anyone!

Abbey Jackson

Two years ago I gave the one week free trial at Kinetic Fitness a try and after years of struggling to find motivation in the gym and have been going ever since. The program Kyle runs promotes mobility, strength, and conditioning that anyone can excel in. It has changed my life, attending daily workouts has become a priority and I can happily say I am in the best shape, mobile. and strongest I have ever been.


I have been with Kyle Bershatsky @Kinetic Fitness since opening..I have attended over 800 classes as a member of the gym. Kyle is an excellent  trainer and can accommodate any age or fitness level. I know as I am 69 and feel I'm in my best shape of my life.
My plan is to continue so I can stay healthy and as I age. It is the best gym in Sarnia.

Evelyn Catton

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